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Who we are

We are a small, highly dedicated team with a background in the fitness industry. Our office is situated in the picturesque small town of Ebeltoft, in Denmark.

This is the home from where we serve different markets in Europe, with the best products for men over 50, with the specific challenges this segment faces.

Scandinavian standards

We strive to live up to the world-renowned Scandinavian standards. It’s a tradition in this part of Europe to focus a lot more on quality and design, than on quantity.

A little bit that is very, very good, is better than large amounts of mediocre quality.

That can be expensive. It is sometimes also counterintuitive, because as humans we think that “more” for the same amount is a better deal!

But the fact is that high quality always wins in the long run, because people keep coming back for more.

Maybe you agree with this:

“The joy of the low price does not last as long as the annoyance of the poor quality.”

The Products!

We seek out the best blends and ingredients that are scientifically proven to be safe and beneficial in the health areas we aim for.

Then we stack them together, alternate the intake with other ingredients so that your body don’t adapt to the ingredients and the effect wears off.

They are selected according to these 3 criteria:

  1. There must be scientific studies that support the effects of the ingredients.
  2. There must be hundreds or even thousands of years of empirical evidence for the benefits of a product.
  3. The team of doctors and pharmacologists we collaborate with must approve them.
  4. There must be 3. party independent quality control for each batch.

Why men over 50?

First of all: because some of us in our team are in that group! We know what it feels like! We also know what to do about it! Everything on this website has been tested by us, so we know what works.

But generally, men over 50 have often worked hard for many years, experience symptoms of stress, have ignored their health for too long, and drink a little too much alcohol.

These factors have a major impact on their longevity and quality of life!

But with a few lifestyle changes and some of the best ingredients this planet can grow from the ground, they can reclaim the vitality, strength and libido of their youth.

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