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HACCP: Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification is an international recognition awarded to food processors and manufacturers with a solid and comprehensive HACCP plan. A certification on HACCP implementation is the culmination of all your establishment and team’s efforts to uphold food safety in the highest regard. 

A HACCP certification is proof that the business is committed to ensuring that your food is being prepared, transferred, and stored safely and healthily. It is also a great tool to increase economic competitive advantage by appealing to your consumers. There will always be competition in your niche in the food industry, but having a HACCP certification gives you the edge over them. 

On Focusherb.com it says: “Our products are supported with full documents, such as COA, TDS, MSDS, Composition Nutrition Sheet ,Flow Chart, etc” – do you have that available for the batch I received?

On Focusherb.com it says: “It has successfully obtained quality system certification such as SC, EU&NOP Organic Certificate, ISO9001, ISO22000”
Will you send both ISO certificates?
Will you send EU and NOP Organic certificate?
Will you tell me more about the Organic certificates?

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